This is so true! Such wise words the kid has written. You won't be excited about starting a new school year anymore or The places that you were so excited about as a kid most likely won't seem so magical when you grow up. (more...)

Wow, this teacher probably loves his job. What a troll! These are the times when you should never doubt your answer when all of the answers seem to be the same letter choice. Always go with your gut answer. (more...)

I should probably do this for my grandmother. She is always asking me to help her with the remote. There are just way too many buttons for people who aren't familiar with technology. (more...)

Yes, YOLO stands for You Only Live Once, but this mother seems to have taken it as a slang word for a warning. It's a new way to look at the word now if you've never thought about it that way before. (more...)

This selfie is a bit creepy, in my opinion. Maybe bubble baths should just be for younger people too. Either that or have adults pick one: either selfies or bubble baths, not both together. (more...)
Texting is very important in Canada apparently. I've seen gloves with finger tips that can use touch-screen devices, but this definitely brings texting to a whole new level. (more...)

It takes a few days before remembering that it's a new year so messing up is common when you're writing the date. 2012 was easy because a small hook can be added to make the 2 into a 3. 2014 is a whole different story. (more...)

Oh god, it looks like a disaster! It was so pretty before it went into the oven. On the bright side, at least it's not burnt, right? (more...)

I worry for the people who will actually follow these directions. Who in the world would actually drink from the toilet?! At least now, whoever does will know how long to flush the toilet for before taking a sip. (more...)

Hey, that's what the instructions said. It clearly said, "Name the quadrilateral," and that's what the kid did! A+ for effort and creativity, right? (more...)
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