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Yes, YOLO stands for You Only Live Once, but this mother seems to have taken it as a slang word for a warning. It's a new way to look at the word now if you've never thought about it that way before. (more...)

Oh god, it looks like a disaster! It was so pretty before it went into the oven. On the bright side, at least it's not burnt, right? (more...)

This has got to be the most embarrassing story someone can ever tell! That guy's reaction would have been priceless to watch. I wonder if he experienced any dating trauma after this incident. (more...)

Did you find the 6th book? There are only eight in the series! Sixes and nines always throw me off, especially in card games. Has something similar ever happened to you before? (more...)

I wonder if anyone commented on the photo to correct her. I worry for the child's education when it comes to homework help from the mom. Would you have said anything about the post? (more...)

The guy's only stating the truth! I would have made the comment a private message instead, but at least the message got through and prevented the embarrassment of having that tattoo for a lifetime.

Oh, the irony! I'm pretty sure school is hard enough if they think that school is "two" easy. These people should double check their spelling before broadcasting it! (more...)

This happens to me, too. Nothing ever looks right when I bake. Baking is an art and I don't think that person had the skills to master this hedgehog cake. That final result is pretty creepy, don't you think? (more...)

This looks pretty dangerous! Hopefully, if the guy falls, the couch will be the cushion to catch the fall and not the other way around. Either way, this is still a danger hazard! There must have been other ways to transport the couch. (more...)

At least when you lose glasses and they're sitting on the top of your head, you can't see the glasses so it's not as obvious. However, this is just pretty ridiculous! It shows just how much people rely on technology nowadays. They use it without realizing it! (more...)
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